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3/4/05 10:51 pm


Im at Kari's and...we are SOOOO bored. We walked to Lil Cooperstown and tlked to Amber then we came home and tlked 2 my drunk mom....FUN!

Im grounded this weekend! sux...

but yeah....everythings alright otherwise...


2/19/05 10:26 am


I am like really lazy right now and i dont feel like writing a shitload of my life....but my birthday's the 25th!!!!!



2/8/05 01:19 pm - Sick...still

I have been sick since January the 28th and it sucks ass. Kari is starting to get on my nerves...
Kari- i dont hate you...im just mad.
My mom's REALLY sick and is like throwing up every 10 min. which is frickin nasty.

My brother's friend is currently in a coma from being drunk and skateboarding at 3 am. He was going really fast down a steep hill and slammed head first into a parked car...

I was sick for my first indoor soccer game for this season. We lost 7-1 =/ .

Stephanie was over last weekend on Saturday night while my parents were at a Crab Feed at my yacht club...they spent the night on our boat. So...Stephanie and i had the house to ourselves the whole night. We watched: Gothika, Ghosts of Edendale, umm...and like 3 other scary movies...I've never screamed so much in my life. That was the night i lost my voice! Ethan and his friend...Ax ding dong ditched our house pretending they were Pedro leaving a cake on our porch...who would have guessed. On sunday morning, we watched Natural Born Killers, which i swear is the weirdest effing movie on the face of this earth. My parents came home, we took Steph home, then we watched the SUPERBOWL!!!!...i didnt really have a team i was rooting for but i took the Eagles cuz thats who most of my friends wanted to win...their last touchdown was amazing..but unfortunately the Patriots won by 3 pts.

My birthday is on the 25th!!! ...It doesnt feel like it.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! ! ! the 15th is comin soon.

Lots of Luv---Monique

2/1/05 08:33 pm

Hey! Im home...with a fever!!!! But CONGRATULATIONS GECKO! UR GOING 2 ATHEY!!!! YAY! sorry i couldn't be there your 1st day! Well...since i've not been able to keep up my entries...

A couple weekends ago, i had to go to this Ball thing at my Yacht Club because im the 'Daughter of Neptune'...please, dont ask. And i was with my WHOLE family...that lives here in Oregon anyways. My cuzin, Megan, and i were stuck with a ton of 80 year olds who thought they were 18! There was this one lady who was like 100 and had a see-through dress on! THATS FRICKIN NASTY!!! lol and then later that night, Megan and i sat in the car, listening to music, and tlkn on the phone to LUIS!! and that is when i made...one of the most dumbest comments like EVER! it was: Me: "Whoa! The moon looks so far away!!!"
Megan: "That's cuz it IS u dumbass!"
haha well yeah...that was enough fun for one night.

Last weekend, on Saturday, Gecko spent the night and we went to Chevy's with my mom and her friend, Marie...met a Stalker-type dude and...well, yeah. Then we picked up Luis and went to the movies, we saw Hide and Seek...............yeah.

THEN on sunday, Gecko, my mom and i picked up Luis AGAIN and went to the auto show! FUN!!!

So yeah....now im sick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN!!! <-----(Brother's Birthday!)

and MY birthday is the 25th!!!! CANT WAIT! =D

Gecko--i hope ur move was ok and that u like staying with ashley...


1/18/05 01:37 pm

Sick!!! im sick 2day! and my computer's STILL gone!!! sorry bout that! Today, i was trying to enter a code for my cell phone and i accidentally fryed my SIM card!!! so my cell doesnt work and i gotta wait and get one later...so call the home phone instead!

Last weekend i couldnt go shopping with Steph cuzza the ice! But Chels and i had a good time...On Friday, Kari and i r hangin out...we're gonna go to a basketball game...then a movie...then my house!!! FUNNESS!

Im really excited for this weekend cuz my brother's comin back from college!!! YAY! but...i gotta wear a dress to this Ball at my yacht club cuz im the 'Daughter of Neptune' i getta get my hair, make up and nails done!!!

Current Guy---> LUIS! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!! =D


1/9/05 05:08 pm

I had a great weekend, i saw 2 movies, White Noise and Spanglish with some friends...Spanglish sucked but White Noise was ok, Steph and i met a RLY hott guy after the movie! Sry this is short but i cant b on the computer so ill make a new entry asap! lots a luv! -Monique

1/2/05 06:54 pm - New Year

Hey! For New Years Eve i was on my yacht and spent the nite until 2day. Columbia River is SOOOO FREEEKING COLD! I accidentally dropped my dog in the water. (oops!=O) and there was alot of gmas and gpas which were drunk...hmmm interesting! I watched many movies like: I robot, out cold, dumb and dumberEr, Knockaround guys, Napolian Dynamite, Hardball...ummm yeah and played lotz of video games! Now im back home and am still cold cuz i dont know how to work my heater! Sorry i havent updated lately, its cuz i got my comptuer taken away and so...i really havent been able to get on it! 2nite i might go to a movie or just hang out at gecko's house for a while but if you wanna hang out 2morrow...our last day of winter break!!!!! call me on my cell! HAPPY 2005!!! --monique--

12/28/04 04:11 pm

Hi Hi! im w/Gecko! (Kari) and we didnt go to bed till 8*30 am cuz i was like telling her the lamest stories ever! but it was worth it cuz she stayed awake!! then we woke up like 3 pm...

ok well if u c my friends list and says 2 ppl...its cuz this is a NEW live journal...so yeah

well yeah my moms gonna pick me up in like 20 min. then ima go play video games and then MAYBE go to a movie w/kari!!!


12/28/04 01:37 am

This is my new journal.
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